Mentorship Program

Mentorship Program Goal

To provide support and guidance for students seeking a career in the IT profession by providing ongoing mentoring, coaching, and support to mentees.

Guidebook for the Mentoring Journey

The CWITA Mentorship Program provides a way for IT employers to invest and build relationships with our local IT talent. Mentors and mentees are matched based on areas of interest, career goals, and geographic region. The CWITA Mentorship Program focuses on building relationships and business soft skills such as teamwork, time management, project management, leadership, and interpersonal relationship skills. If you are a local IT student or an IT professional and would like to be part of this program please contact CWITA using the contact us page.

 Mentor Group Photo

The Mentorship Program was piloted in the spring of 2015 and started with a kickoff dinner for program participants.


Becoming a Mentor

CWITA mentors are matched with local IT students pursuing a two or four year degree. Each mentoring relationship is different and the CWITA Mentorship Program is flexible, which allows each mentor and mentee to develop their own mentoring relationship.

“Being a part of this mentorship pilot provided so many meaningful lessons learned. In the future, it’s not only the sharing of ideas I am excited with, but also the continued improvement in myself that I am excited to discover!” – CWITA Mentor

To learn more about becoming a CWITA Mentor contact CWITA directly.


Becoming a Mentee

The CWITA Mentorship Program offers an opportunity for students to connect with local IT professionals and get advise from those that have chosen similar career paths.

“I felt very special being at the CWITA event. The best part was how all of the CEOs, leaders, and bosses made all of the students feel equal as leaders. You can’t put a word on the feeling that gave me!” – CWITA Mentee

To learn more about being a CWITA mentee contact CWITA directly.